Sunday, January 4, 2009

Teachers (Educators) who Quilt

I've been thinking on this one a while so I decided to go ahead and do it. I've created a new Yahoo group called Teachers Who Quilt.

I know as a teacher it is tough finding time to quilt...... and when I'm quilting I feel I should be working on stuff for school. My saving grace is I only teach half a day....... and I constantly think about those quilters who teach a full load.

So if you are a teacher, feel free to come check out the group. It is going to be really low key, no pressure........ just a forum to talk about the ups and downs of our craft and our vocation.


Cheryl said...

So nice to find your blog!!! Not a teacher, but boy I love to quilt!!! And a Christmas person after my own heart. I love that your countdown tree is all fired up for the coming Xmas!!!

Pat said...

I'm a retired teacher and didn't begin quilting until I retired. I don't know how I'd have fit it in when doing the lesson plans and grading papers. Sounds like a fun group you have started.