Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sundae Quilter "Secret Sundae" Holiday Get-together

Our little quilt group, "The Sundae Quilter", got together for our Post-Holiday Holiday get together yesterday for brunch at Panera Bread before our regular guild meeting. Everyone had a good time and the gifts received were greatly appreciated.

One of our buds, Beth, couldn't be there due to the weather. It was one of those storms you had to watch and while the snow went north of the PA Turnpike (I'm always amazed at how they know where the turnpike is) the sleet started at about the time she would have been traveling home to Maryland. So while she was greatly missed, we were all glad she was warm and safe at home.

So here is the gang from left to right: Carla, Jan, Marie, Fran, Judie, Me, Belinda, and Carole.

We have decided that a Panera breakfast (or anywhere) must be a monthly event...... can you tell we like to eat and chat?????


Beth said...

Has to be the best picture ever taken of me LOL.....WIsh I could have been there....sniff sniff

Pat said...

Looks like everybody was VERY happy at your get together. Thanks for sharing the photo with us. (I tried to sign on as a follower of your blog but wasn't able to do so....not sure why.)

Pat said...

I STILL can't click on anything near your "followers" section that will allow me to sign on as a follower. I have done this on many other blogs and also have this feature on my OWN blog, and I've not had this happen before. I"m really puzzled about this as I'd like to be a follower of this blog and be notified when you make new posts. Any ideas? (Or has anyone else reading this tried to be a follower and not succeeded??) I'm thinking it may have something to do with comment moderation being in place. I just looked and the other blogs I was able to click on to follow, do NOT have that in place...nor does mine. Maybe that's the missing puzzle piece here (if you didn't have moderation enabled when the other folks joined as followers).