Thursday, January 15, 2009

Student in Accident

This past Tuesday evening I was teaching a quilt class in our LQS. My hubby called on the cell and said there was an accident somewhere between his office and a cross-roads closer to home. He wasn't sure what had happened but he did know that Life Lion (from Hershey Med. Center) was coming and going to land next to his office on the practice football field at the univeristy. Anytime that chopper comes to town I get nervous.

Well by the time I got home around 8:30pm they still had the road blocked so I went over the river and through the woods to get to the other side. I happened to pass the two roll-backs carrying the vehicles involved. One was a pick-up with its front end smashed in. The other was what I thought to be something like a Blazer (I later learned it was a mini-van) and it looked like it had been T-boned.

I found out this morning that the driver of the pick-up is the Dad of one of my students. He was hauling a horse trailer with mules in it so you know there was no way he was going to stop quickly. He is home now but I don't know how he is doing. The other driver IS one of my students. His pelvis was crushed and I think he was having surgery today in Hershey.... he is listed as Critical. He was with his grandfather and had just gotten his permit. I know this young man didn't act irresponsibly. The curve where the accident happened is a wicked one...... very hard to see what is coming from the left; and the traffic on the main road can travel 50 mph.

I just had to share this. If you know a young driver stress to them how important it is to be cautious and look both ways a gazillion times.


Barb said...

Oh Nancy, I am saying a prayer for the young driver involved in the accident, how sad it is to hear of this! I pray that all will heal soon! It all happens so quickly, how are the other students at the school dealing with this news? I am sure it will be tough keeping the students on task for a few days!

Pat said...

I hope the accident victim recovers completely from his injuries. It is scary how bad things can happen even when people are not being irresponsible.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh NANCY! I will be thinking of you, your school, and of course your student. I can imagine how "off" of a day your school must have had. Having a father-in-law who has his own Driver Education Business, we have shared many conversations about youth drivers.

Please keep us posted on his progress!