Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scholarships for guild programs

I have a question for my blog friends out there. Do any of your guilds have a scholarship program to help members pay for workshops that the guild holds? If so, how is this handled? Do you have an application? Who determines who receives money?

My worry about this is actually determining who is more needy and how to actually handle it tactfully.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


bingo~bonnie said...

I don't offer much help really b/c I'm not in a guild... but I think this is great that your guild is considering offering scholarships. It would be hard to decide, not a job I'd want to be in charge of.. but I know for those who really need the assistance it is hard for them to "ask" for the help.

I use to cordinate a moms group and we offered scholarships for membership and activities. We only had one mom come forward and ask to apply in my 2 years. We did cover her membership cost and asked that she pay 50% of the activities which she agreed to.

Hope you get some useful advice from other guild members who have a scholarship program.

Oh and thanks for posting about that give away! :) I'll be sure and tell her I heard it from you first! I ♥ her giftys she is parting with.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Lynn Dykstra said...

Our guild allows one to work as hostess at one workshop (taking care of speaker, getting him/her lunch, assisting workshop participants) then they are given one free workshop pass to use within the year.
They also don't pay the time they hostess, and, depending on the workshop and business of the day, are able to participate in that workshop too.
A group tried to have us give "senior citizen" discounts--it was turned down because over 2/3rd of the members would qualify, leaving 1/3 to subsidize their discount.

Laurie in Maine said...

Visiting the Hex-a-long bloggers this morning. Maine's Pine Tree Quilters Guild started a scholarship program. You could check and I know any of the ladies you contact would offer feedback. I think they do it by committee. (Getting too few requests seems to be common issue.) Workshop drawings are also offered as a chance to win for anyone attending guild meetings 2 or 3 times a year. (I never win ;)
I edit the newsletter/ Patchwork Press.