Friday, January 16, 2009

More Credit Card Woes

If you read my earlier post about our credit card number being stolen, you know I LOVE those Vikings that are 'in my wallet'. We got our new cards today and activated them. When I did mine I was curious to know what transactions were on the account.

GEEZE LOUISE!!! Someone had bought $460 worth of shoes TWO days after the account had been closed and the charge had been transferred to the new number!!!!! So I'm on the phone with the fraud guy again, getting the transactions taken off the account and being told I will be getting some paper work on this case that must be returned.

Why???? How sick and low can you be?

Ok, I'm done venting


Barb said...

YIKES this is not good Nancy! Why in the world would the card company put charges on your card without the activation? What a miserable time dealing with all of the paperwork...makes a person want to scream I am sure! GOOD LUCK with all of that!

Julie said...

Too bad! Some people.... I went to my local grocery store the other night and the police were there arresting someone who had been stealing some ribeye steaks. I am amazed that anyone would want to eat a steak that had been down in someone's pants. Yuck.