Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I love coffee!!!

I love coffee............ what more can I say? I am a total coffee-aholic. I even made a coffee themed quilt and called it "Cool Beans".

At home we drink the half-caffeine stuff, but I'm seriously thinking of going to a totally 'leaded' coffee. I fill up the HUGE mug (the kind from the convenience store) every morning and I'm good until after lunch. Then the down time hits me. The reason I haven't gone full strength is I worry about the down time after total caffeine.

Anyway, I am always up for going to the coffee shop..... cappuccino, latte........ anything coffee is wonderful!!! I found Egg Nog latte over Christmas.................... they were to DIE for!!!!!! Of course, I should have just stuck it on my butt and given up right then and there; talk about calories. But they were worth every one!!!!

I love home made chocolate chip cookies too...... but that is another post entirely.

I think I'll go make a pot..... decaf at this point in the day. I do have to get up tomorrow morning.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

YES!!!!!!!! My students KNOW if they were to hide my coffee thermos, they would be in SERIOUS trouble----so of course they TRY to be sneaky about it, all in good fun!
BUT---THE QUILT IDEA! (GASP) TO DIE FOR! Oh! I SO have to make one !!!
THANK you for pointing out such a silly FUNDAMENTAL part of survival existence for SOME of us!

Tracy said...

I've never gotten hooked on coffee...but I may be on the road to it...I took my youngest son to the dr and he needed lunch before I took him back to school. We stopped at a convenience store and he comes out with his lunch and a French Vanilla cappacino...I took a few swallows on the way home because he couldn't take it with him into school(he asked me to hide it in the fridge from his older bro!)Well...I've had several since then...large ones...and I think I'm well on my way to coffee baby steps that is!!!

julieQ said...

I used to be totally addicted to coffee when I was working night shift, then weaned myself off entirely. NOw I drink one in the AM and one about 3 PM. I love my coffee too!

Sweet P said...

I'm a coffee-holic too (hence the name Coffee Time Stitches). I have a coffee-themed tote bag. I have a coffee mosaic in my kitchen. I'm also in the middle of making another coffee tote bag and accessories for myself.

I get freshly roasted coffee beans from Boca Java once every 8 weeks. I have a large mug of coffee every morning. If I have more than that mug I can't sleep. I haven't thought about having decaf in the afternoon, but I may give it a try.