Thursday, January 1, 2009

I am officially "Cool"

Why am I cool you ask? I'm 46 years old and I am just now "cool"??????

I inherited Erin's Ipod LOL. This thing is HUGE compared to the ones they have now, but hey, it works and I can now listen to my music when I can't seem to retrieve the classic rock station on my radio in the sewing room.

So what is on it? Right now just Christmas tunes (jamming to Charlie Brown as we speak). The PC is the only computer with I Tunes on it and we caught a virus on it on Christmas Day. So it is now at the doctor and hopefully will return home next week. Then I'll download some more of my CDs (Clapton, Zepplin, Enya, Josh Groban... varied music styles don't you think??)

Quilty Hugs!!


Suzan said...

I am an antique...a definately not cool. I am waiting for one of my sons to give me an old iPod. They have iPods, iPhone, iTouch. My boys are techno-geeks and it is all my fault. They had their first computer when they were 7&9. We had one of the first PCs on the market. You would THINK that they would pass on their old technology to their Mama so that she could be hip and cool!

Julie said...

I have one too and I love it!! I mostly use mine for book downloads from

Tracy said...

Me too Julie, I have tons of audiobooks from Audible and also I get them from the library on cd and put them on the computer. When I'm done listening I delete them from iTunes. I'm seriously addicted to them!

Amy said...

I think the varied music is awesome.. have fun with it.. have a great wknd

Teri said...

I caught a computer virus on Christmas as well. I wish I would have taken it to the doctor, as I spent all week "consumed" by defeating it. I have an IPod also, but I love my mp3 more as I can use it for audio downloads from the library.