Monday, January 12, 2009

Gotta love those Vikings!!!

No I don't mean the ones in Minnesota (though they are special too........ except to those in Green Bay LOL).
I mean the ones that run around pillaging and burning until the guy pulls out the Capital One Card and they ask "What's in your wallet?"
Well I'm glad they are in my wallet. I got an email today saying someone had used my number and charged stuff yesterday........... on places that I never go to!!!!
So, watch your credit card usage and make sure if you shop on line it is a secure place. Lord knows where and how my number was lifted. Now we have to wait for a week for new cards and paperwork.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

HA! Green Bay Packer fan all the way here! We live an hour away from the Twin Cities, so we get a LOT of migrating Purple/Gold fans here....*sigh*

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

AND....yes, I have also gotten calls from the "fraud security" guys on my Discover card AND AT&T Mastercard. I am so glad they have safety checks in place! The headache, of course, is going through the process of getting a new card/new # issued; (I pay many bills online, so all those locations need to have info updated) the end it IS worth it to have at least SOME sense of security.

Pat said...

We had the same thing happen with our credit card just before Christmas. I discovered a fraudulent charge when checking our account online. We called them and they cancelled that card and transferred everything to a new number. What an annoyance to wait for new cards at holiday time. We then called the company where the fraudulent charge had been made and still can't figure out how someone did that....and the company immediately cancelled the charge and credited our account. I have heard many such stories lately, so it happens more than we realize. *sigh*