Thursday, December 4, 2008


I really get tired of SPAM. No, I'm not talking about the stuff in a can.......... I mean the stuff in my email inbox.

1. Enhancing anatomy.......... I don't have one.
2. Enhancing anatomy.......... They catch enough dropped food already; why would I want them bigger?
3. Dating............ there is no way in **** that I would go through that human mating ritual again.
4. I've won!!!!.........I don't need half of this stuff.

Ok, I'm done venting now.

Have a good day!!!


Barb said...

Hi Nancy ~ Yep I hear ya on this *spam* stuff! I actually changed providers to get away from it...and since I changed 1 year ago, I have not had any *spam*. I suspected that the first provider sold my email addy to spamers... when I called them on it and mentioned this, it suddenly stopped for a few weeks, and then started all over again. You are right enough enhancement already, just let me read the stuff I really care about or even need LOL! Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Great responses!

Catherine said...

Hi Nancy, Know what you mean! Us in Aus have been promised all sorts of wonders by Dear John...John himself obviously isnt married to a crafter! As if we would encourage our partners to use viagra....that kind of thing would interrupt with our stitching time and we cant have that now can we girls!!! Cathy

Pat said...

I couldn't have said it better!!!

Lissa Jane said...

my gmail account is LOADED with spam, but needed it for my google account.. I have over 1200 emails blocked in hotmail and probably get one spam message a day.. so not a biggie.. my internet provider account NO SPAM whatsoever..
I am with you on the enhancing anatomy and I have won the UK/spain/euro/scottish lotteries this year according to my SPAM and inherited $'s from long lost relatives in nigeria.. aren't I lucky???


julieQ said...

Amen, sister, and I don't need a fake Rolex either! That is my most frequent spam message...

Roberta said...

Nancy, Hello! I linked to your blog from Bonnie's... I am glad I found you. Oh how I agree about the spam. The worst is getting emails about penis enlargement...duh... I am not of that gender. I tried junk mail filters, spam filtering, etc. The instrusive email still gets in. It is as annoying as solictors calling on the cell phone!

Anyways...happy quilting!