Monday, December 22, 2008

Momentary Flash of Intelligence

I had a brain cell kick in today. I have been avoiding putting the borders on my Orange Crush Mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter did last year because I couldn't get it to lay flat on my floor in order to measure it.

So suddenly, without provocation, this brain cell kicks in and tells me "Why not lay it right side down so that you don't have all of those seams fighting the carpet. Then it might lay flatter and you get an accurate measurement."

Gotta love those brain cells........ I think it just might work.


Pat said...

GOOD thinking!!! I'm fascinated by the name of your blog. I have a fondness for penguins and have quite a collection. Do you collect them, too?

julieQ said...

Good idea! May I use that one?? Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!