Friday, November 7, 2008

Soda in a Glass Bottle

I just finished my lunch. After I left school (it is a blessing only having to teach a 1/2 day) I stopped at a local deli and got a sandwich, chips, and a Stewart's Soda in a glass bottle.

Why does soda in a glass bottle seem to taste that much better? I remember when you got soda in glass and had to use the bottle opener. We even had one attached to our picnic table that my father built...... one that actually said Coca-Cola on it (we used to refer to all soda as Coke). My grandmother kept 6 ounce bottles of Coke and Orange Crush in her fridge........ don't you just love Grandmothers????

Something about a glass bottle........ Yum!


Suzan said...

I feel the very same way about beer.

Vicki W said...

My husband gets all weak-kneed when he can get Coke on a glass bottle! I don't like sodas so I've never had the thrill.

Ann said...

My grandmother also had a steady supply of those little Coke bottles. And that was in the days when we NEVER had any soda at home, so it was a real treat. Gotta love Grandmothers!

Julie said...

And remember when you had to return the bottles when you bought new Cokes?
We refer to regular Coke (in a can) as "red can" to distinguish it from Diet. As in, bring me a red can.
There is something about an icy cold orange Fanta or Crush on a really hot summer day!