Sunday, October 5, 2008

This is me!!

Teaching World Cultures allows me to develop some different projects and assignments. We've been talking about "History" and how it, culture, and habitat are all interconnected.

I decided I want each of my students to create a timeline of his/her life....... and also use national and world events that happened during their lifetimes as well. They can do it on a poster or on a power point.

Of course, this means I need to make one as an example. So, last weekend I spent oodles of time going through 30 boxes of slides from 1962-1975 and picked out 28 slides that showed me and my family and how we 'evolved' so to speak. It is funny and and the kids will enjoy the pictures from "the 60's" and early 70's. They think everyone from that time period was a Hippie.

So here I am, in all of my cuteness (don't you just love my sister's glasses..... total beatnick look).


jillquilts said...

What a great assignment! I'm sure the kids will get a huge kick out of your example!

Julie said...

And I just love your little handbag!

Linda said...

OhMyGosh! You were adorable! Your sisters glasses are just too funny, and the ?beret? type hat! Isn't it amazing to look back at pictures of the "younger years"!
Thank you for sharing - great idea for an assignment!