Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mindful Musings on a Sunday afternoon

It is a beautiful fall Sunday here in South-central Pennsylvania. You can tell its a bit nippy with the breeze blowing but the sun is out and I'm sure if you stand in it you would feel warm.

I've been having a rather thoughtful Sunday. I rearranged my sewing room a little again and put the free standing Horn drawer cabinet between the wall and the end of my Horn sewing cabinet. So on top of that I put my CD player and the lap top. The lap top has been on all day; I've been checking blogs, reading email, talking to my BFF.

My lap top 'BLOOPS' every once in a while. Do you remember watching 'Lost in Space' in the '60s? I loved that show when I was little. I always pretended I was Penny - I had long brown hair like she did. Anyway, remember she had that monkey-looking pet that Blooped? Well when I hear my lap top bloop (like it is now) I think of that show LOL. I know, pretty out there. I follow Angela Cartwright's blog......... she is an incredible photographer and artist.

My oldest daughter, Erin, came home for the weekend. She has been in law school since August and I really missed her. I can't believe she is 22 and almost ready to go out on her own. I remember one day when she was about 18 months and my husband was outside our apartment fixing the car. Erin took a little gift bag and put a couple of Daddy's tools in and helped him fix the car. She looked so cute in her pink winter coat and purple hat. Ok, enough of that, the tears are starting to well up.

I was domestic up to my neck yesterday. I made applesauce (these people eat it like there is no tomorrow) and a double batch of chocolate chip cookies so that Erin would have some to take back to Richmond with her. Needless to say, our half of the cookies are almost gone. I swear my family is really a bunch of Cookie Monsters in disguise.

Today was spent working on a table runner for a friend of mine. I found a cute Henry Glass line at the quilt shop and bought too much of course. I will probably cut up the rest into strips and put them in my drawers for a scrappy project down the road. Thank you to Bonnie Hunter for teaching me how to do that.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday (it is or was Sunday at some point) and have a wonderful week ahead. When I get the binding done on this tablerunner I'll post a picture.

Quilty Hugs!

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Barb said...

Nancy this is such a nice blog entry, sounds so warm and cozy with the home projects and the memories. Is your daughter at Richmond University? My neice and her family live in Richmond, beautiful city and full of history.

I do the strip cutting too, I just need to start using them! You need to have a *great* week too!