Friday, October 10, 2008

Bonnie's Here!!!

Bonnie Hunter is here........... in my house......... at my guild.........and Oh my gosh we are having fun.

She arrived at my house last night (after her Tom-tom had her driving all over the valley to see the lovely fall foliage) just in time for supper. Then we chatted, my husband Kevin share his re-enacting experiences at Hopewell Village from last weekend. Today (Friday) we were at the church where our guild meets for the Pineapple Blossom workshop. Twenty-four ladies were there and they were fantastic!!!. Many of them shared their scrappy strips and we had a tremendous variety of fabrics.

This evening, my circle of friends known as the Sundae Quilters got together at Judie's house for pizza, salad, and, of course, ice cream Sundaes and just had a blast.... chatting like we'd known each other for years. We presented Bonnie with her very own Sundae Quilter bag and made her an honorary member.

Tomorrow is our guild meeting where we will all get to see Bonnie's lovely quilts up close and personal and here her Scrap User's System lecture.

This has been a fantastic weekend!!


Julie said...

Lucky! Bonnie is coming to my guild next week!! We will be lucky too! We are doing the Starstruck workshop.

Suzan said...

Lucky, lucky you!!! If my girlfriends had not been coming to spend the weekend I would have been there on Saturday for sure!

Regina said...

OOh - I bet you are having a BLAST!!! Wish I were a little closer to PA so I could have scooted down to join in the fun...