Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blog-aversary Giveaway!!!

Vicki over at Field Trips in Fiber is having a giveaway. She is offering up some of her beautiful hand dyed fabric and creations. Click on her blog name and enter in!!!

On getting old.............................er

Getting old.................er stinks. I mean, the grey hair is there, not much I can do about it but freeze my patooty in the shower while I commisterate (is that a word?) with Miss Clairol not knowing what color my hair will be when it is all said and done.

Now, while eating a very healthy lunch of McDonald's fries and a Quarter Pounder with cheese (while dodging the traffic coming to Shippensburg to see Ms. Palin).......... i break a tooth!

Thankfully I can still eat, drink, and breathe so the root must not be exposed. But I have to go back in there and play with it, make sure the side is still missing (like it glued itself back on) and wait until tomorrow when I go to the dentist and find out I'm old enough for my first crown.

Ugh!!!! Maybe going back to being 14 isn't such a bad thing after all. At least my teeth would be healthier.

Edit 11/2: No crown, just have a filling on steroids now. So I'm not getting older after all.... life is good.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I need a 12 step program............

I told you they are addictive!!!!

Happy Scrappy Houses

I have decided to make up some of Bonnie Hunter's Happy Scrappy Houses. WARNING: They are very addictive.


Thoroughly Groomed

My husband Kevin was sitting on the couch the other night and Smokey decided he needed groomed.

I don't think there is anything more I can say about this one LOL

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mindful Musings on a Sunday afternoon

It is a beautiful fall Sunday here in South-central Pennsylvania. You can tell its a bit nippy with the breeze blowing but the sun is out and I'm sure if you stand in it you would feel warm.

I've been having a rather thoughtful Sunday. I rearranged my sewing room a little again and put the free standing Horn drawer cabinet between the wall and the end of my Horn sewing cabinet. So on top of that I put my CD player and the lap top. The lap top has been on all day; I've been checking blogs, reading email, talking to my BFF.

My lap top 'BLOOPS' every once in a while. Do you remember watching 'Lost in Space' in the '60s? I loved that show when I was little. I always pretended I was Penny - I had long brown hair like she did. Anyway, remember she had that monkey-looking pet that Blooped? Well when I hear my lap top bloop (like it is now) I think of that show LOL. I know, pretty out there. I follow Angela Cartwright's blog......... she is an incredible photographer and artist.

My oldest daughter, Erin, came home for the weekend. She has been in law school since August and I really missed her. I can't believe she is 22 and almost ready to go out on her own. I remember one day when she was about 18 months and my husband was outside our apartment fixing the car. Erin took a little gift bag and put a couple of Daddy's tools in and helped him fix the car. She looked so cute in her pink winter coat and purple hat. Ok, enough of that, the tears are starting to well up.

I was domestic up to my neck yesterday. I made applesauce (these people eat it like there is no tomorrow) and a double batch of chocolate chip cookies so that Erin would have some to take back to Richmond with her. Needless to say, our half of the cookies are almost gone. I swear my family is really a bunch of Cookie Monsters in disguise.

Today was spent working on a table runner for a friend of mine. I found a cute Henry Glass line at the quilt shop and bought too much of course. I will probably cut up the rest into strips and put them in my drawers for a scrappy project down the road. Thank you to Bonnie Hunter for teaching me how to do that.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday (it is or was Sunday at some point) and have a wonderful week ahead. When I get the binding done on this tablerunner I'll post a picture.

Quilty Hugs!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's Official!!!!

I'm late!!!! It is already October 19 and I haven't pulled out the Christmas tunes.

Well fear not blogland...... the music is out and playing on the CD player (I haven't evolved into an iPod geek yet).

So hop on board bloggers.................. 'tis the season!!!!

Bag is finished!!!

I finished a tote bag today. It is for a friend of mine who works in a school. I love the Lorelie ladies and had originally purchased the panels to use in a Turning 20 Around the Block type quilt.

I hope she likes it.

Multitasking and a dose of reality

I've definitely decided to sell the Viking D1. It is a lovely machine, I love the way it sews and have gotten quite used to the thread cutter and the way the foot goes down all by itself LOL. But, I've never embroidered on it and honestly don't see the need to keep it since I'm not using it to its full potential. So it is now at the shop getting a spa treatment and then hopefully someone will adopt him (I called him Thor).

So now I have Bernie (my Bernina 150) back in the Horn Cabinet. I'm getting used to him again, like I said I miss the thread cutter and such. Perhaps one day I'll upgrade to a newer Bernina.

So in the process of packing up Thor, I pulled out some stuff in the cabinet in the sewing room, put other stuff into the cabinet and found the floor and the table I use to cut on when I'm trimming up pieces. It looks so 'clean' in here....... wonder how long it will last.

Oh, I also made applesauce, a Peanut Butter Crumb Cake, made a tote bag, and did three looads of laundry today. Needless to say, the papers I need to grade still aren't done. I'll do those tomorrow at school.

Hugs all!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kim's Apple Giveaway

Kim is having a giveaway.......... all about apples!!! Check out her blog and enter soon!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bonnie and Me

I almost forgot to get this picture. Bonnie, me, and my Carolina Crossroads. This quilt was an amazing project and I am so thankful that Bonnie shared it with us.

Bonnie at guild

Today, Bonnie visited my guild..... Chambersburg Quilt Guild. She talked about her scrap user's system and showed OOOODLES of quilts. Oh my gosh........ what a treat to see them up close and personal.

If you ever have the chance to meet Bonnie, take one of her classes, or attend one of her lectures........ DO IT!!! She is such a warm, genuine person and so generous to share her talent with all of us.

I just wish we lived closer to each other.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Love Quilt for Penny

Penny, a good friend of mine, is having some health issues so the gals at #Quiltchat got together and made blocks for a love quilt. I put the top together and Beth quilted it. Penny got the quilt yesterday and from what Beth said, she was totally surprised. You can see Penny on Beth's blog.

More Bonnie

Bonnie and Judie's dog Kelsey, and getting her Sundae Quilter Bag.

Bonnie's Here!!!

Bonnie Hunter is here........... in my house......... at my guild.........and Oh my gosh we are having fun.

She arrived at my house last night (after her Tom-tom had her driving all over the valley to see the lovely fall foliage) just in time for supper. Then we chatted, my husband Kevin share his re-enacting experiences at Hopewell Village from last weekend. Today (Friday) we were at the church where our guild meets for the Pineapple Blossom workshop. Twenty-four ladies were there and they were fantastic!!!. Many of them shared their scrappy strips and we had a tremendous variety of fabrics.

This evening, my circle of friends known as the Sundae Quilters got together at Judie's house for pizza, salad, and, of course, ice cream Sundaes and just had a blast.... chatting like we'd known each other for years. We presented Bonnie with her very own Sundae Quilter bag and made her an honorary member.

Tomorrow is our guild meeting where we will all get to see Bonnie's lovely quilts up close and personal and here her Scrap User's System lecture.

This has been a fantastic weekend!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting a SewEzi table!!!

I'm sew (pardon the pun) excited!!! I ordered my SewEzi table the other night and got the email that the order has been received. My friend, Beth, has one and she loves it. It folds up so nice and has wheels on one end, and has a canvas 'case' with a handle............... what a joy to have for retreat so I don't have to strain my back 'reaching' up to the table. I can't wait to get it!!!

Of course, the deal with dh was that I had to sell my Bernina 150. And that is ok, I was planning on selling it anyway.

Quilty Hugs!

Monday, October 6, 2008

On the cover of a magazine!!!

For those of you familiar with the movie "Monsters, Inc." you'll recognize the title of this post as one of the lines from the movie when Mike sees his picture on the cover of a magazine.

My husband, Kevin, found out that he was going to be on the cover of the "The Citizens' Companion". This is a magazine that caters to civilian Civil War reenactors. He was involved at an event in New Market, VA in May, 2008 and they decided to use his picture.

He's also been singing "On the cover of the Rolling Stone"..... but he did not "buy five copies for my mother"

There's no living with him now.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

This is me!!

Teaching World Cultures allows me to develop some different projects and assignments. We've been talking about "History" and how it, culture, and habitat are all interconnected.

I decided I want each of my students to create a timeline of his/her life....... and also use national and world events that happened during their lifetimes as well. They can do it on a poster or on a power point.

Of course, this means I need to make one as an example. So, last weekend I spent oodles of time going through 30 boxes of slides from 1962-1975 and picked out 28 slides that showed me and my family and how we 'evolved' so to speak. It is funny and and the kids will enjoy the pictures from "the 60's" and early 70's. They think everyone from that time period was a Hippie.

So here I am, in all of my cuteness (don't you just love my sister's glasses..... total beatnick look).