Monday, September 15, 2008

I love Crocs!!

There has been quite a lot of talk on the Machine Quilter's Professional yahoo group lately about Crocs. I love 'em!!!!!

I have six pairs so far; 2 Mary Jane, 2 Cayman, 1 Alice and 1 Sandal (Don't know what it is called). I don't wear the Alice much cause it cuts my heel (damn wide feet). In fact I've only worn them once and probably won't again.

My goal is to get as many colors as I can LOL............. next pair will be Maroon, that 's our High School Color (With grey) and now that I'm a teacher, well, I gotta have it!


Suzan said...

Is "Alice" the black ones on the middle of the bottom row? Very cute! I have Mary Janes but ended up taking the center strap off and I like them better that way. They are my absolute favorite shoe. Not very "sexy" but they feel good on my feet!

Julie said...

Oh, I love them too. I have to have them on some days as my feet just ache without them.