Sunday, August 3, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things.........

With the humidity down and the temps in the low to mid 80's, I decided it was a good day to bake chocolate chip cookies. For some reason the song from Sound of Music popped into my head and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things with you.

1. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
2. Beautiful flowers
3. Cats
4. Quilts
5. Music (jamming to Eric Clapton while typing this, though somehow being part of the Classic Rock Generation makes me feel like an old car some time, especially when a kid says ' you know about Led Zepplin?')
6. Ice cream
7. The color Red
8. My kids (99% of the time)
9. Cool evenings sitting on the swing with my hubby
10. Waking up to a new day each morning.

Ok, I've listed 10 things.... and I'm sure there are dozens more. What are your favorite things? See what you can think of and list them on your blog.... I'd love to read them.


Sweet P said...

I published my 10 favorite musicals/songs on my blog. Thanks for a great idea.

Suzan said...

Those cookies look good! Nothing like a warm chocolate cookie and a glass of cold milk!!

Katie said...

Number 5 has me rolling on the floor laughing. It's so true!!