Friday, August 8, 2008

Miranda Bag

I'm a little behind on the Miranda bag craze. I finally got around to buying the pattern about a month ago and while I was at it I found this blue/tan fabric line and thought it would make up nicely over the pattern.

My oldest daughter (the one leaving for law school in 11 days) spotted it and thought it looked pretty neat............ so I asked her if she wanted me to make it for her. "YES" was the answer, and she chose to get the wooden handles instead of me making the cloth handles.

The pattern was super easy to follow and I know I'll be making one for me soon. There is lots of room inside as you can see. If you haven't made one, take a day and try it.


Tracy said...

Hmmm...I think I could even fit my camera and extra lens in that! Love the color!

Regina said...

Just lovely - I adore my Miranda and my son's - carry both every day.

Julie said...

I haven't heard of the Miranda bag craze yet so I am behind you! I just bought a fat eighth pack of the same fabric line and was thinking of using it to make a bag!