Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Light Yogurt

What is the purpose of "LIGHT" Yogurt? I like yogurt, most of it anyway....... but if it is supposed to be healthy to begin with..... why do we need to put aspertame in it and call it "LIGHT"????

Artificial sweetner is probably why I don't like Diet Soda......... and I definitely won't be buying "LIGHT" yogurt again.



Sweet P said...

I'm so with you! I'd rather go without than to eat something with artificial sweeteners. Lowfat yogurt is OK in my book. My favorite is Colombo yogurt.

Barb said...

Nancy I am smiling at your blog post, because the *light* yogurt gets a *yuck* vote from me also! I like real yogurt, but the *light* stuff just leaves a BAD after taste for me!

Pauline said...

Hey mate,
What do we need that light stuff for anyway..it all tastes yukky!!! Hey left a list of fav things on my blog for you..rofl hope work is cool for ya. cheers

The Calico Cat said...

You also need to watch out for corn syrup in yoghurt!

I try to get plain & add my own "stuff" to it - honey, fruits, etc. Which is a lot of bother most days.

Katie said...

Ewww. Yeah! No artificial sweetners in our house. No high-fructose corn syrup either. Plenty of stuff out there without those things. It just takes longer to shop! :-P

Julie said...

Oh, yes! I joined Weight Watchers and they promote the "light" stuff - e-gads, the taste is horrible. I'm with you - unless someone truly can't have sugar, stick with the real thing.