Saturday, August 30, 2008

Had to rearrange the sewing room

My friend Beth knows I love to rearrange my furniture. This used to drive my husband crazy until I realized why I was doing it. My father worked for General Electric and we moved every three years; so every three years I got a new house......... so moving furniture is psychological.

Well with the heat pump project, I was told I HAD to move things away from the registers in the sewing room. *SIGH* Ok, so its moving the furniture and yes I am trying to keep things as neat as possible (Disregard picture #3 please). But do you notice the one thing I don't have up in my sewing room??????

Yes, the ironing board. and there isn't an outlet on the outside wall for me to use (that was one request I made of my Father-in-law two years ago....... before all of this other stuff started).

So, reluctantly last night I moved things around and am still trying to figure out where to put things. The up side of this is that the room got cleaned up and the floor swept. I guess this means I need to use up more fabric (in my spare time when I'm not teaching or making up lesson plans.

Happy Labor Day!


marilyn said...

I love picture #3. That looks like MY sewing room ;)

Barb said...

I am thinking you were snapping a picture of my sewing room with that #3, but I don't remember seeing you here ;>D. I think we create better with some things scattered around us (thats my excuse and I am sticking with it)! DGD and I chat on a regular basis about "we need to organize" but we just keep on doing the disorganize thing! Have a great day, and enjoy your Labor Day!

Julie said...

Yes, #3 looks more like mine, but neater! I hope school is going well for you.

Katie said...

Hmmmm... I like to move things around too. But I don't have your excuse! :-)