Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Circle, Circle, who's got the Circles!!!

Today was a fun day. I went over to my Quiltin Sister Judie's house and made circles. We counted the total number she needs, around 250, and we got 75 made. We used the mylar circle thingies by Karen Kay Buckley. Needless to say by 3 pm we were getting a little loopy - this happens when making half-inch circles and sniffing spray starch all day.

For some reason the picture looks yellow........ her background fabric does have an off white tint to it. But I wanted you to see what she has completed so far, the circles that we made, and the picture of what it will look like when she is finished. I figure three more days like today and the circles will be completed.


Barb said...

Smiling at your blog entry today Nancy :>)!! The "circle thingies" by KKB are wonderful and make *perfect* circles ~ but OH SO TINY and needing careful work!! Sniffing that spray starch is enough to make a quilter loopy! Is that a KKB pattern that you are showing with this entry? Wallhanging or quilt, looks like it will be pretty! Keep on doing the loopy thing ;>)!!

Vicki W said...

That's a lot of circles! I'd be loopy too!

eileen said...

Is she doing this quilt in hand applique??