Friday, July 18, 2008

Waiting on that third shoe........ again

We were watching TV last night and there was a power surge. My Ott Light bulb went out but we didn't think much of it. Then I said "Is it getting warm in here?" Being smartallicky teens my twins said "Mom, you're having a hot flash."

About an hour later my husband started poking around in and out and came to me and said "I think we just lost the A/C unit outside." UGH!!!!! The hottest &(#&$)# weekend of the year so far and it decides to go on vacation. Ok fine, we open up the house, turn on the fans and go to bed.

This morning I go to turn on the dishwasher. When you push the button it is supposed to turn ON right? Tell that to my dishwasher. So now my back up dishwasher (husband) is out there unloading and washing the dishes.

All this while hubby and Father-in-law are trying to upgrade the electric service and hook up a water heater.

Maybe the Electron Gods are trying to tell me something

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Regina said...

Ugh - hope you get everything resolved and back in cool working order SOON!!!! I don't have A/C, and actually look forward to working on days like these!