Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Traveling to Retreats

Was just wondering if anyone is traveling to a retreat? Has the price of gas affected your plans?

I admit, I am spoiled. Our guild retreat is only 10 minutes from my house and the price is excellent so I go twice a year.

I would love to travel a distance and retreat and meet quilters......... honestly sometimes I can't find anything listed on the net to investigate.

I want to plan a retreat up here for quilters in the Mid-Atlantic area but with the price of gas now I'm not sure it would go over well. What do you think?


Regina said...

I don't belong to a guild or know many quilters other than online and my sister (800 miles) so I would probably be more willing to drive a bit to be able to quilt with someone I already "know" - and I am just in western NY. Keep us posted if you do plan something.

Suzan said...

The price of gas is impacting everything else but I have not let it affect quilting. Where are you planning to hold a retreat? My sister and I love retreats!...and we carpool!

Katie said...

Sadly, these days we are even thinking twice about the local shop hop :-(

peggy said...

Funny you should mention this. Myself and 2 friends just went to a retreat in Indiana. I live in NJ and Robin is in NY so she drove down to meet me and we drove....Michelle flew from Washington state and we picked her up at the Indianapolis Airport.
Because we just LOVE retreat time with the shopping and sewing and gabbing, we just bit the bullet and went....we weren't letting high gas prices stop us..we just did less shopping :)
Peggy in NJ