Monday, July 28, 2008

I need your help.......

You know the old saying........ you snooze you lose. Well I hope I haven't lost yet.

My oldest daughter's best friend from high school (how's that for a run on sentence) graduated from the Coast Guard Academy in May and is now stationed in Alameda, CA. I want to make her a nautical themed quilt and have found the perfect jelly roll/charm pack pattern for "The Hamptons" line that came out earlier in the year (or last year).

Anyway, I found the charm packs now I need the jelly roll. If any of you know where I can get one (and a small amount of yardage for the set in triangles and border) OR you are willing to part with one, please email me.

I appreciate the help. EDIT THIS: I found it!!! Thank you for the help!!!


Jeanne said...

Nancy, I think I just saw some at Lake Street Mercantile in South Lyon, MI. Laurie Simpson was working in there on Saturday. I'll get the phone number and get back to you! The shop carries loads of their fabrics. If you have the latest Quilt Sampler magazine, they are one of the shops featured this year.

Niki said...

I'm not sure I can help you, but I wanted to say I cannot wait to see what you come up with quilt wise.

Alycia said...

Well - now wheres the quilt? lol - I see you found the fabric!