Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to make a (nice, pretty, well edible) Pie

I have never been good at baking pies. Married 22 years and pies are not my thing. So today I attempted a blueberry pie......... it bombed. The crust wasn't done and it was all liquidy.

Anyone have any tips, hints, a 1-800-bak-epie number????

Maybe I should stick to quilting.


Amelia said...

Pies I can make...crust was probably too thick if it didn't get done. Did you add any flour or cornstarch to the sugar that you put on the berries? How long was it cooked?

If you were close we would have a pie baking session.

I bet your pie tasted good anyway, didn't it?


Jeanne said...

Oh, Nancy. I'm sorry your pie wasn't what you had hoped for when you made it. Tomorrow I'll send you my DMIL's pie crust recipe. It has always worked for me.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I don't have any trouble baking pies. I go the store, find the freezer aisle, pick out a pie, bring it home, follow directions on the box. Other than that, my pies look terrible.
Sorry, that's that best I've got on pies

Tracy said...

I know some ladies who can help...Sara Lee and Mrs Smith!

Lynn said...

Many years ago when I first got married I asked my Aunt who was 70 at the time how to make a good pie - I had a few spectacular failures. She said the only way was to practice. It took about 3 years before I was satisfied - and now I'm pretty good at it - but on occasion I still have a pie that misbehaves (19 years later).