Sunday, July 6, 2008

How a 15 year old fixes his jeans

One of my students came to me after class yesterday and said "You have to see how my son fixed his jeans." I walked out to the truck with her and this is what she showed me.

I think the staples would scratch a little........ don't you?


Gina said...

My hubby thinks that way aswell. He's come home before with his trousers 'fixed' with insulation tape.

Love and hugs xx

Amanda said...

That must be boys for you - my two sons always went for staples and duct tape.

Tracy said...

It's a proud moment for son's mending (dis)abilities on the net!{sniff sniff!}LOL!
PS...they also use plastic zip ties!

Bethany said...

ROTFLOL. At least he attempted to fix them.