Friday, June 13, 2008

In the blink of an eye

Tim Russert died today. Why do I feel it significant to post this on my blog? Two weeks ago this incredibly influential man spoke at my daughter's graduation from college. My daughter got to shake his hand and speak with him before the ceremony.

His speech was short, to the point and dotted with humor as only Tim Russert could do. He acknowledged his father and the influence he had on his life. He told these 234 young people that they alone could make the life they wanted for themselves and to not give up trying to achieve their goals.

Then in Tim Russert style, he donned his Randolph-Macon ball cap, said "Go Yellow Jackets" and graciously said good-bye, noting he had to return to Washington to cover the 'ongoing Clinton-Obama campaign'.

I remember sitting there listening to him and thinking what a wonderful speaker he is...... getting down to their level, speaking to them in terms they understand.

It is amazing what can happen in life when you aren't looking. I blinked........... and now Tim Russert is gone. What an amazing man.


Barb said...

I agree with your feelings on Tim Russert, I will miss him! Without actually hearing him speak in person, he has always seemed very humble and unassuming to me when addressing issues on TV! Thank you for your tribute to Tim, he said it like he felt it!

Rhonda said...

I dont' think I will every forget what I was doing when I heard the news. I couldn't believe it and immediately called my sweetie to cry about it. Somehow, I felt I knew Mr. Russert. He'd been in my home every Sunday Morning faithfully. I will sorely miss him.