Thursday, June 12, 2008

I need an AC Tech

Ok I'm sure you are wondering why I have a picture of a Central AC Unit on my blog. Well I don't think ours is working and I can't get my hubby to realize that.

I know it was hot last weekend, but I would think that if the AC is set at 75 it should be a lot cooler than 85 in the house. I mean, in the evening, after the sun went down, it was cooler outside than it was inside!!!

Since it cooled down last night I turned the *#(&$# thing off and opened the windows. Best nights sleep I've had in a while. At 46, HEAT is not my favorite four letter word!!!

Is it just me or is something wrong here? If any of you are AC savvy (or are married to someone who is) and can offer some advice, please do. I would greatly appreciate it.


Suzan said...

Sounds like you have a coolant problem. The other thing that some times happens is that when it is very humid, the actual compressor freezes and that will cause your unit not to work to capacity.

Lori said...

I say, get thee to the yellow pages!! lol It could be in need of a freon charge. Ours is on the fritz and the dh (NOT darling, in this heat) is "doing" the job but taking so long about it, I went out and get a window a/c unit for the bedroom. The dog and I can be comfy while he's re-inventing the wheel. Lori in VA

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I own a Heating and Cooling Company. You need to call a tech. AC's do not take freon...sorry. That's a brand name of a refrigerant, but it's rarely used anymore. Could be a number of things. You could have a leak in the line set causing you to lose refrigerant. You need a leak search. I would love to help you, but I don't do service calls that far away......
Regina in MI

The Calico Quilter said...

Can you hear the compressor turn on (not just the fan on the outside unit). If it's running but not cooling, I bet it's a low regfrigerant charge. Maybe you have a leak in the cooling coils - speaking from experience here. And, after age 45, fans don't cut it! We need our AC - also from experience!