Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to You!!!

Yesterday was my husband's 46th birthday. He has officially joined me on the downside of the last decade before hitting the big Five-O (I feel like McGarrett saying that LOL).

We had his favorite meal, brats and dogs on the grill, homemade macaroni salad, chips, and then a Lemon Dreamsicle Cake and homemade vanilla ice cream with peanut butter sauce (the kids wanted that).

The kids picked out a sound card for was set up like Star Wars....... on the front it said "A long, long, time ago........." and when you open it up it plays the theme from Star Wars and you see "You were born". I had nothing to do with this one, I just purchased it.

Kevin is a big Allison Kraus and Union Station Fan and the other day he noticed that Dan Tyminsky (from her band, he sings the lead vocal on Man of Constant Sorrow from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou) had a new CD out he conveniently dropped the hint. I also got him another CD by someone I thought he'd like.

I think he had a happy birthday.

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