Friday, June 13, 2008

Egypt Fabric - Tag Sale

Well as fate would have it, letting fabric age like fine wine has backfired for me. I purchased all of this Egypt themed fabric intending to make a quilt for my daughter Abby....... she isn't into Egypt anymore like she used to be.

So I am offering it all up for sale. I would like $5 per yard. There is 17 yards total and I'll let it go for $85 including shipping within the US.

Fabric A: Michael Miller, 4-5/8 yards

Fabric B: Timeless Treasures, 4-5/8 yards (Stripe goes across the width)

Fabric C: Timeless Treasures, 3 yards

Fabric D: Alexander Henry, 4-3/4 yards

The fabrics are all un-washed.

If you are interested, please email. I can take Paypal or Money Order.


The Calico Quilter said...

Could you use the Egypt fabric for Project Linus quilts? My coordinator is always telling me she needs bigger quilts with less childlike theme for the older children/teens. Jut something to consider.

newimprovedme said...

I just saw this blog entry. Do you still have the Egyptian fabric? My mom wants to make an Egypt themed quilt. She may not be interested in all of it, but she's especially interested in the Alexander Henry print. Please let me know.