Monday, May 12, 2008

Squad 51 (aka Where's Johnny and Roy?)

I spent my day in the ER with my daughter Beth. For the past six months/year she has complained off and on about pain in her right side. Ok, call me paranoid, but when I had an uncomfortable pain in my right side 10 years ago, it turned out to be my appendix.

The school nurse called this morning and after a little chit chat with her and with our family doctor's office, I made the Mom Decision to go to the ER and make sure it wasn't her appendix.

Four hours later, after drinking some sugary goo and getting dye injected into her arm, it is not her appendix. They also took three viles of blood (She wanted to know if Mick St. John - from the show Moonlight - would get any extra). Now, after another little chit chat with the ER doctor, I am thinking it is an ovulation thing. So we will be tracking this........... if it shows up every other month, she is just going to have to grin and bear it.

Needless to say, the child is hungry now........ I think she could have eaten the ER bed if we had been there any longer.

Can I go sew now????


Barb said...

Whewwwww that is a relief for sure, but you are right if it is the ovulation thing -- well it seems to be the way it is for some of us women - UGH! DGD unfortunately endured the ruptured appendix thing, and only complained when she attempted to stand-up after exhausting pain for 3 days. Doc didn't admit to the problem because DGD didn't allow for them to know the amount of pain -- she has a very HIGH tolerance for pain! Keep an eye on your DD because either one can be a sneaky problem for some!

Hazel said...

Better safe than sorry ,it was worth while to have it checked out .You'll rest better now knowing its not the appendix ,after a six hour stay in the ER you deserve to sew ,have fun .

Sweet P said...

I hope your DD is OK. Appendix pain is yucky. I hope it is only ovulation pains.

Connie said...

I'm glad it wasn't an appendix problem! I had a fairly serious illness when I was 8--while they were doing exploratory surgery they took my appendix out just because they were in there! Sheesh. Boy motherhood is just an endless line of things to worry about sometimes! But at least now you have one less thing to worry about.

vtquilter said...

6 hours in the ER, Yikes! Glad it is not the appendix. Another thought is ovarian cysts. I had them when I was younger, really painful once in a while but no other problems from them.

Teena said...

I thought Johnny Gage was so cute! Ha! I was only 14 or so when that show was first on.