Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Erin's Graduation Quilt

I finished Erin's graduation quilt today. I found this Ancient Rome themed fabric about three years ago in Needle and Thread... a shop outside of Gettysburg. When I saw it I knew it had to be a quilt for her as she majored in Latin and Political Science.

The pattern is Warm Wishes and my friend Donna quilted it on her Millenium.

Now I can actually label this "Erin's Latin quilt" on my 2008 List of Things to Do" and mark it off as completed.

Changing the Look

I was checking my email this morning and after finishing up I decided my blog needed a not so extreme makeover. Not that I didn't like the old look, I just thought there was too much green. I mean, a little of the lime green goes a long way.

So this is the new look. What do you think? I like the way it is spread out more on the screen and I like the 'BOLD' look of the font I chose.

Oh if only I could click on my thighs, butt, hips, stomach, boobs........ well you get the idea.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Civil War Eye Candy

My husband has decided to do Civil War civilian re-enacting. He is also involved in our local March to Destiny event each year. This past weekend he and our daughter Abby were in the Memorial Day parade. Kevin is in the brown suit and dark vest...... Abby is to his right in the light blue dress.

My Quilt for an Hour Blocks

WHoo Hoo!!! I got my QFAH blocks finished!!! Now I'm only 2 steps behind. I decided to do them in these colors for a quilt for my oldest daughter. These are Randolph-Macon's colors and she will be graduating from there this Saturday with a degree in Latin and Political Science. This fall she is off to Law School at University of Richmond.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Quilt For An Hour Project - UPDATE

More like Quilt for 24 Hours Project.
Ok, I am almost caught up............ well half way.
I got my strips cut, my HSTs made, and in the process of making my star points I discovered that it helps to READ the directions on the Tri-Recs ruler and stack the strips right sides together BEFORE cutting.
So I have to go back and cut 48 star points with the strips facing down.
Thank you all for clapping and believing in me.......... Tinkerbell was right, it really works.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quilt for an Hour Project

Judy Laquidara has graciously posted a Quilt For An Hour project on her blog. My first thought was "I can do this..... it is only an hour at a time." So I left a comment on Judy's blog and put myself on the list.

Well, I'm bad. With the end of school, volunteering to talk at Civil War Day, taking Beth to the hospital, working on a stack-n-whack for my husband's great-aunt, oldest coming home from college and next week being her graduation (which means traveling to Ashland, Virginia)..........

OK, OK!!! I know, I could have found an hour here and an hour there!!!!

So I'm thinking I'll put all of the hours together tomorrow and get somewhat, if not totally, caught up.

You'll believe that when you see it, right?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today is my Blogoversary......... has it really been a year?

Of course this happens at a very busy time in our lives and I don't have anything ready for a giveaway. I'll work on that over the next week and post something soon.

Hugs and Happy Blogging!!!

Thank you all for the warm and happy blogoversary wishes that I have received. I will be posting a giveaway in celebration soon so watch my blog :o)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pineapple Sundae

A few of my friends and I from guild have formed a small group. We call ourselves the "Sundae Quilters". The name comes from our love of ice cream and quilting and it all started two years ago after selling guild raffle quilt tickets at Quilt Odyssey in Hershey.

I am on the program committee for guild and this fall Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville is coming to lecture at our meeting and lead a workshop the day before. I asked the Sundae Quilters if they would like to work on the Pineapple Blossom pattern with me so that we could use the quilts as advertisements and samples for Bonnie's visit.

Each of us cut up some Fat Quarters and shared the strips. We each chose our own white fabric. So now there are five quilts using the same colored strips but with different 'centers' and borders. We had a lot of fun making them at retreat this spring and they really did help advertise Bonnie's upcoming visit.

My Underground Railroad Quilt

Yeah!! It is finished!! Well it was finished last week but I had to upload the camera software since we got the new hard drive.

I had the fabric for this for a while, and finished the top over a year ago. Then last summer, I started hand quilting it. Last fall I told the twins' Social Studies teacher that if he needed someone to fill a slot at Civil War Day this spring I would be glad to talk to the 8th graders about the Legend of the Quilts and the Underground Railroad....... he took me up on the offer. Needless to say I was trying to get it done.

So the sleeve went on the back yesterday and it is ready to roll. This is only the second quilt I have hand quilted..... and I'm rather proud of it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

#*()$&#*( Computer

All those who have ever wanted to put their computer into orbit raise your hands!!!!

As some of you remember, we had to get a new hard drive. Well then the speakers wouldn't work. So like any sensible person I went to Staples and bought new speakers. After plugging all the little things into their proper little holes, guess what.............
The *&(#$ speakers don't work!!
So this computer is without sound.................. is it really worth having a computer? I wonder.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Squad 51 (aka Where's Johnny and Roy?)

I spent my day in the ER with my daughter Beth. For the past six months/year she has complained off and on about pain in her right side. Ok, call me paranoid, but when I had an uncomfortable pain in my right side 10 years ago, it turned out to be my appendix.

The school nurse called this morning and after a little chit chat with her and with our family doctor's office, I made the Mom Decision to go to the ER and make sure it wasn't her appendix.

Four hours later, after drinking some sugary goo and getting dye injected into her arm, it is not her appendix. They also took three viles of blood (She wanted to know if Mick St. John - from the show Moonlight - would get any extra). Now, after another little chit chat with the ER doctor, I am thinking it is an ovulation thing. So we will be tracking this........... if it shows up every other month, she is just going to have to grin and bear it.

Needless to say, the child is hungry now........ I think she could have eaten the ER bed if we had been there any longer.

Can I go sew now????

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all of your mom's, expectant mom's, grandmom's, etc. Have a happy one and bless you all.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Quilt for an Hour Project

Judy Laquidara has posted the yardage requirements for her new Quilt for an Hour Project. The quilt is so simple but beautiful. The white/offwhite backgrounds really help make the star points 'pop'. I have printed off the information and will pull the fabrics tomorrow.

What's another project added to the other 3 I am already working on!!!

Need Your Opinions

Quilters are always willing to lend a hand (actually a brain cell) when it comes to making decisions about fabrics and such. So I'm asking you for your opinion.
My husband's great-aunt bought a 'quilt' at a department store and asked if I could quilt more on it. I said no, it would just get all bunchy...... this is what would happen with a $30 made in China quilt. So I told her to take it back and I'd make her one.
I bought this cool tropical print at the Old Country Store in Lancaster last year and knew it would be a stack-n-whack. Now my dilemma is the background.
I bought the coral pink specifically for the background, but I'm not sure if it will fight the pinwheels. What do you think? (Can you tell I really want to use this?)
The green sample is just for a green........ not what I'd use....... I'll have to go shopping for that if I decide to go green.
Thanks for your help!!

Scrappy Log Cabin Top

Some of you have left a comment on the "I love my husband" post asking to see the scrappy log cabin quilt top he also bought at the estate sale.

He got this for $1 gang......... obviously no one knew what it is.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tag Sale - Books

A while back I mentioned on my blog that I was thinking of clearing out some things in my sewing room. Someone commented that I should have a Tag Sale... so I guess I'll try that with the books I've decided need a new home.

BH&G Great Patchwork Collection
BH&G American Patchwork and Quilting
Rich Traditions: Scrap Quilts to Paper Piece by Nancy Mahoney
At Home with Thimbleberriese Quilts by Lynette Jensen
12 Days of Christmas by Debbie Mumm
How to Make a Quilt by Rachel and Kenneth Pellman
Patchwork Patterns by Jinney Beyer
Country Settings by Debbie Mumm
BH&G Great Patchwork: Stars and Stripes
More Quick Country Quilting by Debbie Mumm
Say it With Quilts by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes
Bennie Harper's Quilt Album by Earlene Fowler and Margrit Hall

All of the above are $7 (US) each plus shipping. If you are interested in any of them, please email me. I'll then email you and get your zip code and figure out media shipping charges. I can take a money order and I have paypal as well.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Yard Sale - addendum

Well the rain held off........ but it was colder than a witch's........ well you get the idea.

People don't yard sale much after noon, so we closed up shop around 12:45. Still have alot of stuff left but not near as much as we did. Now we have to decide what to do with all of the stuff.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Yard Sale

aka where did all of this blankety-blank stuff come from????

Over this past winter I told my husband that if we could get it together, we'd have a yard sale this spring on the same day as the community yard sale.

Well guess what!!! It's tomorrow!!!

All week we've been finding stuff we don't want, don't need, why did we buy it, where did it come from, what the **** is it........ and getting it priced.

Tomorrow at dark-thirty AM Eastern Standard Time he and I will be up moving stuff out to the tables and praying that it doesn't rain.

If you're in the neighborhood, drop by .......... one person's trash is another person's treasure.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

And the winner is..........................

Miss Violet Rose Kitty has certified that all of the people who posted a comment for the Pincushion drawing commemorating my 100th post and my 46th birthday are represented in the blue basket.

And the winner is.......................... Katie!!! Miss Violet will be emailing Katie ASAP.

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes and congrats on my 100th post. I have enjoyed getting to know all of you through blogging and hope gain more inspiration from each of you.

Quilty Hugs!