Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekly Update - March 2

I can't believe it is March already!! Where has the year gone?

Ok, I did get some things on my list accomplished. You can probably guess what I didn't work on LOL..... so I'll move it on to this week.

What I accomplished:
  • made more Buckeye Beauty blocks
  • completed the Buckeye Beauty scrap top
  • mailed the baby quilt to Vermont (I'm so proud of myself for having it done on time)
  • cut up big pieces of scrap into more manageable sizes (thanks to Bonnie Hunter's system)
  • hand quilted the final block on the URR quilt

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • hand quilt the URR (still have a little bit of sashing and the border to do)
  • continue cutting scraps
  • put those *(#&)$ border's on Erin's quilt (this is really becoming quite funny)
  • get my instructions and sample pieces ready for teaching my class next Saturday
  • work on my Signature swap blocks

Hope all of you in blog-land have a productive week also!

1 comment:

country mouse said...

Congrats on all you've accomplished! I hope you are able to accomplish all your goals and more this month :)