Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shlump Part II (aka Un-shlumping myself)

Well I figured out the cause of the shlump.... those *#(&($# border for Erin's quilt. Once again I am not happy with my idea so I have put it away....... again...... as she will be coming home for Spring Break and I don't want her to see it.

So my alternative project is a UFO. I had some 9-patches leftover from another quilt I made and started putting them together in the same way. While feeling shlumpy (I wonder if that is in the dictionary) I started looking through some old magazines and found one totally devoted to 9-patches. I liked the way one quilt was set so now I am cannibalizing what I had started and re-making it. I will have to buy a bit of fabric to finish it, but nothing like what I would have bought to start at the beginning.

So thank you all in blog-land for letting me shlump and letting me know that I am not the only one to experience shlumpiness. (OK, enough of the 's' word LOL)

Quilty Hugs!


Amelia said...

Hey, we all understand the frame of mind you were experiencing. End of winter blahs is another word for it.

today is the first day of spring...we will all start to feel better!

amelia in Oklahoma

SalemHouse said...

Just remember that quilting is a hobby, and therefore, it should be FUN! It's OK to do something different for a while and renew your enthusiasm. Show and Tell at my monthly quilt guild meeting always seems to re-spark my quilting bug.