Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Challenged by my students

I have been teaching a series of beginner block classes at the local LQS and last Saturday was the Bowtie class. I told my students that if they were really ambitious, they could keep the little triangles cut off of the corners and make very small HSTs. Their comment? "Why don't you do that?"

So I went home and Sunday, with the help of my friend Beth who was on the phone speaking lots of encouraging words, I threw this miniature together. It is my first attempt at something this small and I have a greater appreciation for people who do this. Before I attempt it again, I'll be taking a class or two.


Regina said...

That tiny quilt is ADORABLE! I have not done much with HST so don't have a stockpile of them to play with, but I will definitely keep that in mind!

Amelia said...

Boy that is small...what were the actual dimensions?