Saturday, February 2, 2008

Weekly Update February 2

Happy Groundhog Day!!! No idea if the other PA resident saw his shadow.... not like we aren't going to get six more weeks of winter anyway.

So much for my goals. I managed to leave my border fabric for the baby quilt at the shop when I used it as a sample so that didn't get done. And I didn't get the borders on Erin's quilt and she is coming home today for J-term break so that project is now in hiding.

So here is what I did:

  • put the rail fence blocks together for the baby quilt

  • finished Underground Railroad blocks for a good friend

  • managed to bury my table, again

My goals for this week:

  • find my table again

  • put the borders on the baby quilt, get it quilted and mailed to Vermont

  • finish the Underground Railroad top for my friend

  • spend time with Erin

Again, not very exciting, but manageable (didn't I say that last week?)


Barb said...

Nancy my take on the *groundhog* thing could he not see his shadow with all of the TV hype around him ~ and you are right in PA we will have 6 weeks or more of winter yet anyway! What a big deal over a little furry guy LOL! Happy quilting from another PA gal!

Debi said...

Wonderful goals, and I totally forgot about Ground Hog's day! Come visit my blog for my latest giveaway.

Jen said...

Yeah!! YOu sure got a lot done, great goals for the next week!!