Saturday, February 16, 2008

Weekly Update February 17

Ok, I make goals and do everything but LOL.............

What I accomplished:
  • visited the friend and test-drove the HQ16.... still thinking
  • Got the final border on the Carolina Crossroads quilt
  • made 7 more Buckeye Beauty blocks to add to those from the guild swap
  • put together some 3.5 inch four patches by doing the leader/ender technique from Bonnie Hunter

My goals for next week:

  • put the final border on the baby quilt for my nephew's 'soon to be' son/daughter (not sure what we are getting)
  • quilt and bind the above mentioned baby quilt
  • put the borders on Erin's quilt (this keeps moving from week to week - you think it is telling me something)
  • Hand quilt on my Underground Railroad
  • make 12 more Buckeye Beauty blocks

Maybe setting goals isn't my thing LOL........... I can't seem to follow what I set... and get stuff done that I never thought to put on the list.

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