Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekly Update February 10

I didn't get much done this week. The oldest was home from school for J-term break and she likes to be entertained. Honestly I don't mind, I can't believe she is 21 and ready to fly the nest. Where did the time go?


  • used my new(used) Viking D1 and put binding on a shop sample Turning 20 Again


  • put border's on Erin's quilt
  • put final border on my Carolina Crossroads mystery (finally got that one figured out)
  • convince hubby that the HQ16 my friend is selling is a really good deal (wish me luck on that one)

Hugs all!!


Barb said...

Nancy YES you did accomplish things this week, you spent time with your 21 year old...NO MATTER how old they are time together is everything! You will have time to catch up next week!

Barbara said...

Nancy, I love this blog. How did you get that kalidescope quilt picture across the top. I'm new to this venture.