Thursday, February 14, 2008

Carolina Crossroads Top is finished

I finally got the borders finished on my Carolina Crossroads top.... this is the mystery that Bonnie Hunter shared with us. It is hard to see, but the outer most border is black with white polka dots. This fabric shows up now and then in the body of the quilt.

From the beginning I had decided that the border had to contain nine-patches to carry the theme of the quilt out to the ends. Little did I know that after making 280 nine-patch blocks for the quilt, plus the Half Square Units for the set in triangles..... then adding 88 more nine-patch blocks on for the border, I would have nearly 3000 one-inch squares in the body of my quilt.

Now to get it quilted.


Karen (Misiz C) said...

Nancy...I LOVE your border...ooooh, you've given me some ideas. With any luck, I'll get to work on finishing that quilt this weekend.

Suzan said...

Don't tell anyone but I think that of all the ones I have seen, this one is my favorite. Really beautiful!

Jeanne said...

I love your border, too! The whole quilt is wonderful. I still need to add a border to mine.

Lissa Jane said...

it looks fantastic with that border (wish I'd thought of it).. Looks gorgeous, the black and red look fantabulous together!


loulee1 said...

I love it. Yours is the first black, white and red one I've seen. Fantastic.
How Many 1 inch squares? OMG!

Kim said...

Very pretty!!! I love the extra 9 patches!! I was too lazy and just put reg borders on mine and finally finished it today also :)

Now to get mine quilted too

What to work on next??????

Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

I love love love it. My only comment is that you need a red binding to tie it all together.

Andee said...

I love it! Very nice!