Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Stashbusting Report

I have decided that I need to publicly reckon my stashbusting...... maybe this will help keep me on track. Of course, that means I need to remember what I actually accomplished this week LOL. So here goes:

What I accomplished:

  • designed, cut, pieced and quilted a four block (approximately 31" square) class sample... all fabrics from the stash
  • finished Step 6 in the Carolina Crossroads mystery

My goals for this week are:

  • cut fabrics for my daughter's graduation quilt (I hope she doesn't read this.... needless to say I can't post pictures until the end of May)
  • work on Step 7 of the Carolina Crossroads mystery (if it is posted)
  • hand quilt on my Underground Railroad Quilt


Anonymous said...

Nancy, I love the fabric you chose and your blocks look fantastic ! I am still on step #5 but your picture has inspired me to "get a move on".Thanks for sharing. Peggy in Illinois

Quilting Pirate said...

Hi Nancy! I found your blog link in Tazzie's blog and notice you were close to me - well, PA is a big state :D

It's a great idea to post your goals and stashing busting work - it does help you keep yourself accountable and we are all nosey and want to see what you are doing :D

Kathie said...

Looks great nancy!
I need to get back to work on mine....Kathie