Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Smokey Cat and the Cords

Smokey, one of our cats, has a most unusual habit............ she likes to chew on power cords. Over the past year, I have replaced two telephones, my keyboard, and my mouse. Other cords in the house are covered in electrical tape. Yesterday, while my husband had the television stand pulled out from the wall, we discovered she had nearly chewed through the television power cord. He took all of the cords behind the TV and pulled them through a piece of PVC pipe.

Today I stopped at Staples and got something called a Cable Zipper. Basically it is a harder plastic tube that you put all of the cords through. So this afternoon, while the girls were off school, they watched their mother go slowly bonkers trying to figure out the most efficient way to get the cords organized behind the computer and covered so that 'Stupid Cat' can't chew on them. Now I have two power strips ; one for the DSL modem, router, and pencil sharpener on top of the desk, and one down in the tower cabinet for the printer, monitor, tower, and speakers.

You know it has been a long day when you can't figure out the *(#&$)# Cable Zipper and your 14 year old says "Mom....... calm down"........ then looks at her twin sister and says "I think Mom is over the edge" (I, in the mean time, am giggling uncontrollably lying on my back under the computer table).

So, guess what hubby gets to do!! You got it......... pull the TV stand back out and use the rest of this Cable Zipper stuff to cover the cords behind it.


Beth said...

HAHAHAHA I wish I'd been home to get THAT phone call.....hopefully the little Mokester will leave the cords along now! Huggers BFF!

Gina said...

I bought one of those, it nearly caused a divorce. I can't believe something that looks so simple could be so difficult. we both taught me daughter some new words!

love and hugs xxx