Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Can't Sew!!!!!!!!

This past summer I bought my mother-in-law's Viking Designer 1. So today, Iasked my husband to re-set my Horn cabinet for the D1 from my Bernina 150 (I'm trying to be frugal and may sell the Bernina....... I haven't decided). So I was all ready to learn about this machine, get some pieces out and sew.........and my power cord is missing!!!!

The last place I had it was at a friend's house last fall when she was showing me how to embroider on it. So I called her and she told me the last time she had her machine in, there was an extra power cord.... and the service guy kept it. So, Tuesday I have to call in and see if it is still there......... if not I buy one.

So instead of sewing today, I have to CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually this is a good thing, I'm finding things to put in our guild auctino and stuff to throw away and stuff I forgot I had.

In the mean time, my husband is sewing on the featherweight....... I am so jealous.


Penny said...

You have to CLEAN???? That is just wrong.

That service guy was quite the sharp operator, eh? I hope you get your cord back.

cher said...

good to sort stuff out-but they should absolutely give you your cord back!

Anonymous said...

I misplaced a cord. My son took a look and gave me a cord off his laptop. It seems that some machines use universal cords.

Bernina and Pfaff are the same and the same as my laptop