Thursday, January 10, 2008

Erin's Graduation Quilt

Well it is only 3.5 years late........ she graduated from high school in June 2004. I tracked down as many of her teachers as I could and asked them to sign a 3.5 inch square. The school colors are maroon/grey/white and the mascot is the greyhound.
I was determined that this one be handquilted. Afterall she is my daughter and I wanted it to be a special momento. I don't know LOL. Thus the reason it took 3.5 years. I had never really hand quilted before this quilt. Having been a cross stitcher I thought quilts had to 'bounce a quarter' tight in a frame. After taking the "That Perfect Stitch" class with Dee Dee McElroy, and learning the mechanics of hand quilting, I was able to work much more efficiently.

I had given the top to Erin and then 're-gifted' the finished quilt this past Christmas. I think she was pleased.


Tracey in CT said... high school colors were garnet and gray and white, and we were the greyhounds. Does you DGD live in CT? I'm wondering if maybe she went to the same high school I did? Naugatuck...

Bingo~Bonnie said...

You said: "I thought quilts had to 'bounce a quarter' tight in a frame."

you suggest they have some looseness then??? I have just put my first quilt in a frame that my dad made - see my blog... and it is very tight... should I loosen it then???

thanks in advance for your advice. Love from Texas!! ~bonnie