Sunday, January 13, 2008

Carolina Crossroads Mystery Part 6

Bonnie posted Part 6 of the mystery last week. We are starting to put all of the pieces together. I had a feeling when she had us make quarter square triangles (Hourglass) blocks that some type of star was involved.

Now I'm wondering what will happen with the rail fence and accented nine-patch units. Could they be used as borders around the "ohio' stars? hmmmmmmmmmmmm


Lissa Jane said...


Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your colours in the mystery! so dramatic! and of course, beautiful!

Well done!


Phyllis Williams said...

OMG! Your Carolina Crossroad Ohio Stars are GORGEOUS~~~~

I have a daughter who will be whining for me to make her one just like yours.



Kathy Wagner said...

Love your blocks! I enjoy seeing the variety of fabrics in each quilter's blocks.

Kim said...

Wow what stunning colors :)
THe red really POPS!

Katie said...

The black and white really snaps! Love it!