Monday, December 10, 2007

Mid-Atlantic Quilters' Web Ring

I got the idea today to create a web-ring for the quilters in the mid-atlantic area. The thought popped into my head after surfing other quilting rings this morning. I know, like I need another thing to do on my list LOL.

Anyway, if you are a quilter, and you live in New York, New Jersey, Deleware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia or North Carolina you are welcome to hop on the ring. Nothing is more fun than seeing what other quilters are doing and gaining inspiration and motivation from each other.


mountain-quiltist said...

Nancy, I live in North Carolina and am eligible to join, but I have some questions. What is a web-ring? What are the advantages to joining one?
How do I join? And once joined, how do I put a link on my blog that I'm a member?
Lotta questions, huh? BTW, I enjoyed your blog and put a link to it on my entry today.

Banjo795 said...

Hi Nancy,

I'm in SW PA, just outside of Pittsburgh. I'm familiar with blogs, but not with blog-rings. What exactly are they? I read the comment from mountain-quiltist, and have a lot of the same questions!

ForestJane said...

And if you have a blog, go put your blog addresses on the Quiltville chat links section, so those of us who aren't eligible to join can still visit your blogs. :)