Friday, June 22, 2007

The most "Gooder" cat

Well I have to post a picture of Smokey. Isn't she wonderful? So perfectly grey and sleek and charming. Oh, and every quilt in the house belongs to her of course. She manages to christen every quilt I make...... before, during, and after. What a gooder cat!


Beth said...

Oh I love little Smokey Sue! She's as precious in the picture as in person :) Hi Mokey!

Sissy said...

Hi Sue!

What a precious kitty Smokey is! She's like my Mosey. My Mosey loves to help with each quilt that I make. She acts as if it is her official duty to inspect and approve of each quilt. After all, it has to be just right to sleep on, play on, etc. Kitties and quilts just seem to go together! Thanks for sharing!